Image of Zabriawn Smith
"There is no end to learning."

Zabriawn Smith

Co-Founder & Instructor

Zabriawn Eugene Smith is an Aliquippa native and resident. Currently the Executive Director of Housing Opportunities Inc., Zabriawn brings a host of different skillsets to the resource pool for Aliquippa Green. After making the most of his academic scholarship to Washington and Lee University, Zabriawn taught elementary school for 3 years. Since then, his focus has been on connecting Aliquippa to resources that already exist and have proven successful in larger cities.

About Us

The mission of Aliquippa Green Inc. is to empower citizens of Aliquippa to become productive citizens and home owners by providing educational programming to youth and young adults on the topics of urban agriculture, technology, and home restoration.

Our vision is to restore the community by giving members tools necessary to invest and build sustainable change.