About Us

The mission of Aliquippa Green Inc. is to empower the Aliquippa community to become productive citizens by providing educational programming to youth and young adults on the topics of urban agriculture, technology, and home restoration.

Our vision is to restore the community by giving members tools necessary to invest and build sustainable change.

A student raises their hand to ask a question.


Aliquippa Green, Inc. was established in 2019 to help citizens invest and build the concept of sustainable change in their own communities. Our programs are built on the philosophy of inter-generational change. Toward this mission our agency has sought to bring several areas of our social, educational and economic programming under one roof. Over the past two and a half years Aliquippa Green has been successfully delivering computer science-based programming to middle and high school students throughout the city of Aliquippa and is now ready to expand and serve more students and community members in 2023. The development and implementation of student-focused programs represents the first phase of our three-year strategic plan.

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