TechXP! Workshop Series

Throughout the entire year, students will be introduced to applicable technology through a segment that we call Tech XP. This can range from working on personal Raspberry Pi projects to having conversations with real life developers to better understand their day to day tasks. Our main goal is making sure that those who can't commit to our Saturday program still have the opportunity to gain experience with technology!

TechXP! Presents:
Hour of Code

May 12th and May 16th, Aliquippa Green will be hosting Hour of Code sessions for Remake Learning Days 2022.

The project: Students in grades 5-9 will be learning how to code a  self-portrait on the computer using JavaScript. We invite parents and students to work alongside each other to create a masterpiece. Parents are strongly encouraged to stay and learn.

Workshops will be held from 5 pm - 6 pm and light refreshments will be served.

Limited seats available, please register by clicking the link below.
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A drop-in learning space is a safe place to do fun interactive activities with your child(ren), have access to a computer, get technical assistance and more. The resources change based on what you need and want to see in the space.

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