Restoring Roots, Building Futures,
Investing in Our Community

Why we ask

Donors like you make these goals a reality

Housing values in Aliquippa have stagnated. We are developing programming that will address homeownership, property blight, and workforce development. The goal is to see the community reinvest and rebuild itself.

Education is our flagship focus right now. Relevant extracurricular programming ensures our students have more available resources and opportunities to succeed. The future requires adaptive learning, flexibility, and the space to be creative and innovate.

The food we eat is essential to our wellbeing. Local produce is higher in nutrients and flavor than food that is mass produced and shipped all over the world. All over the country people are returning to the land and growing their own produce. We want to help build better citizens through promoting healthy diets and teaching local food production.

GIVING our everything

Thank you for considering a donation to the mission of making Aliquippa grow bigger and stronger than ever before! Aliquippa Green, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We keep our funding sources transparent and meet all the requirements for IRS tax-exempt status. Support us by becoming a monthly donor or making a one time donation.