CS for Quips!

Computer Science (CS) for Quips is a free  computer science course for Aliquippa students in grades 6 and up. Students will learn the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build their own website. The curriculum is developed in alignment with current Computer Science Common Core Standards.

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Do you ever wonder how the app TikTok was created? Have any interest in drones? Do you like math and/or science? It's okay if you're not sure. The main question here is do you want a chance to learn more about the future?

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Student Pre Assessment
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What does HTML Stand for?
What is the most used coding language in the world?
What coding term stores information?
What code is used to enclose terms in HTML?
How do we end statements in JavaScript?
What does CSS stand for?
What symbol do we use to access HTML IDs in CSS?
I like coding.
I would like to use code in my future job.
Would you like to learn more about coding?
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Right now, CS for Quips hosts classes for computer programming. Soon, we hope to add more topics about technology to the program. Let us know what else you're interested in!

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